We are a grassroot organisation providing a comprehensive range of advice and information on a wide range of issues to the community...

Community projects

We run variety of different projects for African French Speaking Community, immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, African heritage such as:

  • Children and Young People Activities
  • Supplementary education,
  • homework clubs, 
  • sports (indoor and outdoor), 
  • recreational activities, 
  • trips and outings, 
  • youth club
  • Advice and support Services
  • Free Counselling and Life Coach service in French or Lingala (for Victims of DV)
  • Trainings
  • Employment support & Job Club
  • ICT Classes
  • Esol Classes
  • Free Cake Baking Classes
  • Free French Classes

Health and Wellbeing Activities

  • Congolese Youth Forum
  • Community Gala Dinner
  • Dads (Male Only) Swimming Sessions
  • Family Fun Day
  • Free Women only physical activity programme
  • Free Women’s hour
  • Free Yoga Classes
  • Football match
  • Marathon 

Volunteering opportunity

Become a volunteer

Pierre Angulaire offers a range of volunteering opportunities. Volunteers can work directly with our clients at our ESOL projects, the homework Club or youth club, gain experience in our offices, help with fundraising, and organise community events or work at our International project.

Pierre Angulaire depends on volunteers' support to deliver all its projects. Volunteering can be a great opportunity to gain work experience, meet like-minded people and make a difference in your local community.

If you are thinking of volunteering, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see how your skills could be of help to our mission.  We are a very dynamic team, always happy to welcome dedicated people motivated to make a difference!

All volunteers will receive an induction and training. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.


If you are interested in any of the following activities, need help for any services or would like to register, please call us on

>****limited places based to first come first serve *******

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